• Woman Journal #1

Woman Journal #1

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Volume 1
132 Pages

The Woman Journal Volume 1 is a collection of works studying the relationships between gender and space from more than 20 contributors around the world from different fields. This publication is a space of non-hierarchy, where all forms of knowledge are recognized and welcome, just as in the Woman Cave circle.

With contributions from:
Yris Apsit
K.E.O. Arch
Aleksandra Belova
Lili- Aster Bird
Emily Bourne
Federica Buzzi
Dara Cauri
Lhunaha Dedenise
Jason Dunne
Belen Fe
Olive Goanta
Grégoire Guex-Crosier
Cléo Hesse
Hannah Jochl
Alexandra Kononchenko
Claire Logoz
Chelsey Luster
Rebecca Merlic
Amorette Muzingo
Sophia Orachunwong-Pochet
Nour Ramdaoui
Varnita Sethi
Phoebe Todd
Serena Vittorini.

The project is created by the Woman Cave Collective, an transdisciplinary project originated by architect Chloé Macary-Carney and created with artist Léticia Chanliau and architect Urška Malič. The Woman Cave is a nomad safe space for discussing gendered space, first prototyped in the Swiss Alps in the summer of 2019.