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  • 162
  • 20x26cm
  • French/English — Français/Anglais
  • 2023
It is still time to leave your certainties on the plane. OFF TO is landing in Dakar and I’m telling you, you’re going to be put through the wringer.

From the utmost poetic situations to the most improbable scenes of life, you will quickly feel at home in this city of a thousand contrasts and contradictory messages. TERANGA

Because if there is one thing that the Senegalese master, it is to suspend the time for the best sometimes for the worst, for who does not follow the natural rhythm of the day. INSHALLAH

Dakar is not anticipated, it is a spontaneous city. A city that tests you and embraces you with the same intensity. PARADOX

You will get angry while negotiating your «official» cab at the airport and you won’t even have passed the first tollgate because «here in Senegal», we like verbal jousting as well as sharpened jokes. MAGIC

You will meet magnetic characters like Khadija Ba, our Cover-Girl, designer in the «Pop-boubou-broderies» style and owner of the store «Le Sandaga». BEAUTY.

Khadija embodies the Dakar of yesterday and today and it is with her and no one else that we wanted to introduce this magazine. STYLE

Jërëjëf & special mention to Le 19m who caused this edition.
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