• Journal of Creative Pursuit #2

Journal of Creative Pursuit #2

    Issue 2: Memory
    198 Pages

    This issue explores the concept of memory from the lens of the creative industries.
    We explore Solenne Tadros’ virtual reality to uncover the quality of immersive technology in recreating her grandmother’s memory of Palestine.
    We went to Kingsland Road with Mark Öu Chéng to find his home again.
    Through Shaima Al-Tamimi’s work, we explore how rummaging through the past has helped shape her as an artist.
    We capture the fear and the struggle of losing one’s memory.
    We visit Paula Rego’s exhibition to see how we seek to remember through art.
    We dig deeper into The Banda Journal to understand how Bandanese are still living side by side with the memories of their colonial past.
    We spoke with Algerian artists on exile, memory, connections, and places of repair.
    Through Anja Saleh’s jewellery collection, we discuss the politics of memory.
    We explore the culture of archiving.
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