• Hinterlands #3

Hinterlands #3

    hinterlands is a print magazine for rural realities and narratives from Europe’s rural regions. In reports, essayistic prose and photographic formats, hinterlands magazine presents local reporting from villages and non-urban areas and creates a transgressive understanding of rurality.

    The green issue traces rural green in nature and beyond, it points to the climate crisis and its consequences, shows us the drawbacks of an industry focusing on ‘green’ solutions, leads us into the forest and to family histories.

    Contributing authors: Nathalie Bertrams, Michele Cardano, Evelina Faliagka, Ingrid Gercama, Yul Koh, Franciszek W. Korbański, Freia Kuper, Elke Kuper, Ola Lewczyk, Danute Līva, Danijel Losic, Stephanie Newcomb, Arabella Paulovich, Elisa Pieper, Emily Priest, Nemanja Rujević, Anna Lucia Schaffter & Swiss Seed Exchange Collective, Hannah Schleifer, Sarina Sievert & Fibershed DACH, Sophie Anna Stadler, Fabian Weiss

    Editorial team: Hanna Döring, Freia Kuper, Maike Suhr

    Graphic Design: Till Hormann
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