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  • High on eBay Again
  • High on eBay Again
  • High on eBay Again

High on eBay Again

  • 164 pages
  • 17x24cm
  • English/Anglais
  • 2023
Parisian artist Antwan Horfee reprises his 2017 "High on eBay" (Wrong Culture editions), with another investigation of the magic of the now ubiquitous shopping platform. Compiling found ceramics with a new body of his own ceramic works, Horfee honors the aesthetic of eBay and brings focus to what he notes is "the format of amateur pictures."

Fellow eBay fanatic Melchior Tersen offers thoughts via essay — a contextualizing of the culture of scrolling. Tersen's reflection touches on the charm of these amateur photographs and crude attempts to mark the "genuine" which are then mirrored by the framing Horfee brings to his documentation of new works within the book. "The fact that you watch so many of these pictures when you search for something that it becomes a style you are accustomed with,” says Horfee.  

Balancing his discoveries, inclusive of whimsical cookie jars and salt shakers, with the new works, Horfee reveals the intersection of internet culture, hobby and artistic practice which inform his output and worldview. With High on eBay Again, Horfee continues to build in a series of collection-based publications, each a stepping stone of autobiography as well as investigation of a distinct culture of ephemera.
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