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  • Encens #50

Encens #50

  • 32x24cm
  • English/Anglais
  • 2023
Celebrating ENCENS n°50. With a bigger in scale issue. Wrapped in a box together with a shirt stamped by an exclusive print designed for the occasion by NICCOLO PASQUALETTI. Inside the pages, a delve in outtakes and unedited photographic gems captured over 20 years by SYBILLE WALTER. Our long time contributors went into an anthropological evocation of their waking up moment to fashion. ANGELO FLACCAVENTO bring us back in his Italian childhood where the scarcity of informations made his imagination flows. CHRISTOPHER ANDREWS is tapping into his 1996 first trip to New York. A decisive an changing one. SERGE LUTENS transport us to Marrakkech to tell the stories behind his prolific solo for the sake of beauty. Scrolling the magazine, visual portfolios of our favourites designers abound. GIORGIO ARMANI, HED MAYNER, UMA WANG… the list goes on in this issue taking the shape of a new beginning.

The very limited edition available with 2 covers includes: a bag and a t-shirt designed by Niccolo Pasqualetti.
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