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  • Many of them #10

Many of them #10

  • 500 pages
  • 19,5x27cm
  • English
  • 2024

Conditions of flux, change, and transition: in between visible and invisible, positive and negative, human and digital, cloth and skin, presence and absence, consciousness and dream. The notion of in-betweenness guides Issue #10 of MANY OF THEM, leading us to explore slippery sites where distinctions dissolve and boundaries refuse to resolve. At a moment when dominant culture and mainstream technologies thrive on labels, categorization, and clarity, we’re choosing to meditate on the abstract, the ambiguous, and the indecipherable.

The in-between resists description with its inherent fluidity, conjuring endless images: the cyborg, the augmented, the lost signal, the forgotten language. The nebulae where stars are born and die. The anti-genre. Not the text, but the interpretation. Not the coder, but the hacker. Not the present, but the simultaneous. Neither organic nor synthetic. Neither emotional nor logical. Performance, not sedimentation. Connectivites, not connections. Gaps where our selves or identities—individual or collective—are not known or knowable, but rather constantly becoming, rediscovered, and re-negotiated. As the academic and author JACK HALBERSTAM reflects on the issue: “We must be illegible.”
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