Real Review numéro 10
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N°10 156 pages 11,5x26cm 2020

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« Real Review is “what it means to live today”.

Real Review assesses contemporary culture.

Real Review looks backwards to look forwards.

Real Review appears timely and timeless.

Real Review interrogates the current mood.

Real Review deconstructs everyday norms.

Real Review reviews reality.


We can’t go back, but we don’t want to. Nor can we go on like this much longer. What will emerge from such a transitional phase, when the civic body is so lacking in health (physical, moral, political and economic)?


The Renaissance was not an end in itself, but a bridge between two paradigms (feudalism and modernity). It was a cultural movement that diverted history by rediscovering lost pasts. Today, we do not need newness to cut short capitalist realism, to restore a degraded nature, to achieve greater equality. We have everything necessary for change. We only need the will. »


Magazine publié intégralement en anglais.