Good Sport numéro 4
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N°4 136 pages 16x24cm 2020

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« The vision to connect and experiment with ideas has long been at the heart of the magazine, merging our roots in music, skateboarding, photography and living actively engaged lifestyles. Along with an innovative appreciation of printed matter, Good Sport was created to redefine the way of making a sports magazine. The interests and influences that inspire our magazine sit under a vast, inclusive, cross-generational umbrella.


Good Sport issue 04 heads left field into a theme we’re all craving now more than ever – Community.


Things you’ll find in this issue: mothers, modularity, buttered fingers, digital doubles, boxing as art, a new type of storm, room for the weirdos, clothing more radical than racing 100miles across Namibia and a Basketball comp that shares D.N.A with Rucker Park.


Things you won’t find: play-by-play stats, ’marketing-friendly’ running photos, draft-pick banter, a tennis jacket buyers guide or protein supplement discounts. »



Magazine publié intégralement en anglais.