• Wonderland A/F 2022
  • Wonderland A/F 2022

Wonderland A/F 2022

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“I’ll be here until this shoot is iconic!” promised Emma Watson on the set of her Wonderland cover shoot. A comment that speaks volumes to the hard working and dedicated nature of the 32-year-old who spent 8 hours at our cover shoot - eventually plunging into a rippling pool - attended Brown University alongside acting and now, has
directed Prada’s new beauty campaign for Prada Paradoxe fragrance. Much like a paradox - a person or thing that combines contradictory features or qualities - the multidisciplinary Emma Watson continues to break expectations.

Covering the Autumn/Fall 2022 issue, celebrating the launch of her directorial debut with Prada’s new refillable perfume, actor and activist Emma Watson speaks to the cultural historian of the Middle East with whom she studied at Brown, Dr. Shiva Balaghi,
about the multiplicity behind the woman she has become and how this project came to be.