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  • Visions #4

Visions #4

  • 22x32cm
  • English/Anglais
  • 2024
VISIONS BY Issue No. 4 features an evolution from its previous format and structure, just as Issue No. 5 and future issues will. They are meant to mutate, seeking the best way to explore their self-contained content. Our contributors are selected in order to help us understand the cultural implications of materials and their infinite meanings.

We explore weapons, lots of them, through different forms, relationships, networks and infrastructures. We try to understand how media works and what people are following. How is the narrative built? What do you stand for? Are we part of a community? We take a closer look at stones, the symbiotic encounters of minerals and life, objects (possession), things (property) and how they (and we) become every day viruses. We also try to understand the cloud and its complexity.
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