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  • Untitled Magazine #Innovate

Untitled Magazine #Innovate

  • 200 pages
  • 21,5x29cm
  • 2021
Innovate Issue

The Untitled Magazine's 200-page "INNOVATE" Collector's Issue is a celebration of pioneering creativity, featuring a selection of some of the innovative artists and creatives today who persist in their artistic endeavors against all odds and bring into the world something new and inspirational for us to see, hear, and experience. The collector’s issue, curated by editor-in-chief Indira Cesarine, features interviews with inspiring innovators from the worlds of art, fashion, film, music and more.

Exclusives include: Alexy Préfontaine (Aeforia), Alisa McRonald, Andreas Wannerstedt, Angela Santana, April Kae, Arielle Tesoriero, Asher Levine, Ashley Chew, Ashley Zelinskie, Asia Stewart, Au/Ra, Caitlin Carmichael, Carlacia Grant, Cassie Arnold, Cath Orain, Chukes, Claire Luxton, Cody Frost, Dance Doyle, Daniela Melchior, Dorian Electra, Dove Cameron, Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes, Elena Chestnykh, Fewocious, Fletcher, Greta Brat, Isabel Beckenstein, Jacob Hicks, Jessie Murph, Jillian Mercado, Joanna Grochowska, Jonathan Rosen, Jordan Suaste, Julia Curran, Junyi Liu, Kathryn Drysdale, Kelly Shami, Kendra Erika, Kirra Cheers, Laura Kimmel, Leah Schrager, Lindsay Parker, Luigi Honorat, Mamé Adjei, Marlies Plank, Martha Zmpounou, Mimi Keene, Molly Dario, Morgane Polanski, Nadine Ijewere, Nessa Barrett, Petite Doll, Pyer Moss, Rebecca Black, Roberto Grosso, Rocco Veneri Of Cool Cat, Shamona Stokes, Skip Marley, Sonia Stein, Synchrodogs, Tessa Violet, Tiggi Hawke, Victoria Selbach, Watson Mere, Wolf Alice, Yuge Zhou, and Zeynep Solakoglu.
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