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  • Two Months - Dominika Hadelova, Aldo Buscalferri

Two Months - Dominika Hadelova, Aldo Buscalferri

  • 168 pages
  • 18x11cm
  • English
  • 2023
  • Matto Publishing

Two Months is the first book adventure of MATTO magazine–studio, who for this project have invited writer and researcher Jennifer Cunningham to participate. How can two months be encapsulated as current, passing time as well all that is being triggered and brought from the pastThe book was created entirely during two months September – November 2021, as part of MATTO’s artist residency at Lafayette Anticipations, Paris. All images in the publication have been produced during the course of writing between Paris, Naples and Amsterdam. Some texts speak of the visual –– yet all is only words. They traverse times and geographies, as if being knitted or woven, like acupuncture stimulating points they reveal thoughts, emotions and fragility. Other texts confuse the self with the things that surround, documenting daily compulsions, object associated behaviour and attachment to things. Cover, b&w images and text printed in risograph. Hand bound in Paris, 200 copies.

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