• The Light Observer #4
  • The Light Observer #4
  • The Light Observer #4

The Light Observer #4

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Issue 04: The prospective issue
128 Pages

The Light Observer is an independent magazine based in Milan.
You will find: Photographic series by both emerging and established photographers. Interviews with renowned creatives in the field of art, cinema and fashion.
Interviews with philosophers, scientists, architects and essays on the meaning, understanding and use of light in those fields. Artists creating exclusive artworks for the magazine.

All contributors:
Hiroshi Sugimoto, Anthony McCall, Sheung Yiu, François Mathieu, Adrien Lucca, Midgard Licht, Andrew Ayers, Irene Fenara, Sergio Giusti, Yuichi Yokoyama, Hicham Berrada, Matthew Burgos, Daniel Canogar, Ivan Casis and an exclusive collaboration with Judith Grassl.