• Sight and Sound Presents #7

Sight and Sound Presents #7

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The History of Horror Part 2: Ghosts
146 Pages

Drawing on extensive material from the Sight and Sound and Monthly Film Bulletin archives, Ghosts is the second in a major new series exploring the history of horror onscreen.

Ghosts takes us from the first apparitions in early cinema, through the comical and sad ghosts that tended to proliferate in the decades following, before we reach the truly chilling spectres that have abounded in cinema since the worldwide revival of gothic cinema in the late fifties.

It includes reviews of significant films such as The Innocents, The Woman in Black, Carnival of Souls, Poltergeist, Onibaba, The Orphanage, Sixth Sense, and Ring; plus numerous features and interviews with key directors such as Guillermo del Toro, David Lowery, Jack Clayton, Rose Glass and David Robert Mitchell.