• Side Magazine #2
  • Side Magazine #2
  • Side Magazine #2

Side Magazine #2

    Issue 2: The Moped Rider
    74 Pages
    Wirklichkeit Books

    What are you hiding under your helmet, dear Moped Rider? Where will your wanderings lead and what encounters might they bring?

    The second issue of Side Magazine is dedicated to the manifold figure of the Moped Rider, which is approached differently by the seven contributors. These include the film critic Lars Ole Kristiansen, who follows Nanni Moretti’s vespa through Rome in the movie Caro Diario (1993), playing the role of a tourist in his own life. A reprinted chapter from Michele Bernstein’s autofiction novel All the King’s Horses (1960), tells the tale of late-night meanderings through Paris, and Kristian Vistrup Madsen addresses the changing intimacy between the musing figures in Caspar David Friedrich’s series of paintings Two Men Contemplating the Moon (1819–c. 1830). Side Magazine’s executive editor Yasmine d’O. is in conversation with curators Marcella Lista and Lou Ferrand about the place and movement of visitors in exhibition spaces.

    The full list of contributors includes: Haci Akman, Michèle Bernstein, Lou Ferrand, Pierre-Henry Frangne, Patrick Jagoda, Yasmine d’O., Lars Ole Kristiansen, Marcella Lista, and Kristian Vistrup Madsen.
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