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    Female Issue
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    In recent years women’s football has gained increasing international interest, attracting attention for its top leagues and for the introduction of communities that provide various platforms and opportunities for enjoying football. Perhaps this is related to movements towards ‘gender equality’ that is currently being observed not only in the world of football, but also across other respective areas.

    Amidst this context, the FIFA Women’s World Cup Tournament held in France –the essential birthplace of feminism, may indeed be a major turning point in the history of women’s football. Much is anticipated regarding the changes will we see in the world of football that still today remains a subject of significant gender gaps and discrepancies.

    How does the situation in Japan compare to the general global interest? Now 8 years since the 2011 World Cup victory, we believe that it is perhaps time for Japan to reconsider its engagement with women’s football.

    “SHUKYU Stories” is a special edition of “SHUKYU Magazine” that launched its inaugural issue in 2015. While the approach of exploring a single theme through multiple perspectives remains the same, “SHUKYU Stories” consists of content that more simply corresponds to its subject. In this edition we spoke with people involved in football across various different countries and fields of work to ask them about current circumstances surrounding the women’s football community.

    One of the greatest appeals of football is that it can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere throughout the world. Through this edition we hope to think about what we can do through football in order to build a society where everyone can live together more comfortably.

    SHUKYU is the football culture magazine based in Tokyo. Each issue will feature a special theme, focusing on themes, players, clubs, supporters, fashion, art, architecture, food, and other things that exist behind the game.

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