• Shukyu Magazine #6
  • Shukyu Magazine #6
  • Shukyu Magazine #6
  • Shukyu Magazine #6

Shukyu Magazine #6

    Numéro 6 : Russia Issue
    128 Pages

    We made our visit to Russia in June 2018. It was the first World Cup since SHUKYU Magazine was established in 2015. What kinds of things are going on in the host nation? What is the World Cup actually like? As per the phrase “Seeing is Believing,” this trip served as an opportunity to reconfirm the importance of actually going somewhere to feel and see things with one’s very own eyes, rather than simply consuming the various array of information provided to us via the media and social media platforms.

    The Russia World Cup tournament had indeed given rise to much drama and excitement, yet this issue is based on a slightly different perspective from magazines that offer a so-called recap or highlight of the World Cup. In addition to looking back on the tournament, this issue examines various issues surrounding football and contemporary society through the phenomenon of the World Cup that draws worldwide attention. Topics such as immigrants and gender that are also featured here continue to be significantly discussed not only within the world of football, but also across various fields and contexts.

    In making this issue, we welcomed the participation of a wonderful and diverse team of international contributors. Three years ago we had started our journey from nothing, yet the pleasure of getting to meet various friends around the world through football, is an experience that I cherish each and every moment of.

    From Russia to Qatar –although there is another four years to go until the next World Cup, someone somewhere in the world is playing football today, as it continues to fascinate and peak our interests. It is with great anticipation that I wonder what kind of drama will emerge in these next four years. It is up to you readers, as the course of the future lies entrusted within your very hands.

    SHUKYU is the football culture magazine based in Tokyo. Each issue will feature a special theme, focusing on themes, players, clubs, supporters, fashion, art, architecture, food, and other things that exist behind the game.

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