• Present #3
  • Present #3
  • Present #3

Present #3

  • 288 pages
  • 20,5x27,5cm
  • English/Anglais
  • 2023
Cover 1 is a portrait of Hung La, founder of LUU DAN, photographed by Stanley Morgan in London.

Cover 2 is from our interview and shoot with TAREET, photographed by Pauline Scotto di Cesare in Paris.

Highlights include:‍
✺ A conversation with Korean-born, Brooklyn-based cook and food designer extraordinare SUEA about leaving comfort zones accompanied by photography by ERIKA KAMANO

✺ We visit the DOJO’s of jewelry artist ANNA SANTANGELO, fermentist DAVID ZILBER, route setter VOLODOMYR SANNIKOV, and tattooist DAISY WATSON

✺ Philosopher FRANK BERZBACH about the Analogue Comeback and our longing for physical presence in our world

✺ An in-depth interview with insanely talented designer TAREET, including a shoot with his family in Marseille and a fashion series in Paris, both captured by photographer PAULINE SCOTTO DI CESARE

✺ DJ GIGOLA shares her self-care tips, from health advice to morning rituals, including a deep dive into her debut album FLUID MEDITATION

✺ Thoughts on Entrepreneurship, Food and Purpose with THUY PHAM and THAO WESTPHAL, founders of DASHI DINER, shot by MARINA HOPPMANN

✺ In The Art of Touch, BROOKYLN REARDON-NIKARA meditates on her practice and growing up as an Indigenous Māori in Aotearoa/New Zealand

✺ A personal essay by powerhouse HUNG LA, fashion designer and founder of LUUDAN, writing about his journey and Asian masculinity

✺ We discover the history of denim with Paris legend GEORGES COHEN, captured by PIERRE-LOUIS POMMERY and written by LISELOTTE GIRARD

✺ For FINDING MEANING IN MARBLE we travelled to Tuscany to have a conversation with world-renowned sculptors NICOLAS BERTOUX and CYNTHIA SAH
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