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  • Plural - Maarit Mustonen
  • Plural - Maarit Mustonen
  • Plural - Maarit Mustonen

Plural - Maarit Mustonen

  • 56 pages
  • 11x17cm
  • 2023
  • Multipöly
The artist's book Plural contains excerpts from the meeting of nine Maarit Mustonen, which the artist Maarit Mustonen organized in Helsinki in 2016. The text fragments are excerpts from interviews that were made in collaboration with linguists. In the long leporello book, the thoughts and experiences of nine people with the same name come together and mix. The small-sized book can be read by holding it in your hands or fully unfolded. On the reverse side of the text pages runs a marbling pattern made by the artist, the trace of a long, meandering movement.

Plural was published as part of COUPLING, an exhibition by Maarit Mustonen and Vlatka Horvat in June 2023 at PUBLICS, Helsinki.
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