• Pfeil Magazine #14
  • Pfeil Magazine #14
  • Pfeil Magazine #14

Pfeil Magazine #14

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Numéro 14 : Nature
60 Pages

Deriving from the Old French nature (being, principle of life; character, essence), in turn stemming from the Latin word natura (course of things; natural character, constitution, quality; the universe), this issue revisits the term Nature once again, with all its direct and indirect meanings. In times of global warming and the urgent necessity for active change, we deal with the effects of cultural mimicry, the language of trees, artificial yolk dye, how natural resources can change in their worth and meaning, and question how the theory of evolution would have manifested under a female lens in the 19th century.

Aseel AlYaqoub, Birte Brechlin, Christopher Weickenmeier, Constance DeJong, David Fletcher, David Reiber Otálora, Denise Bertschi, Emmett Walsh, Jocelyn Saidenberg, Katherine Lee, Katie Holten, Kinke Kooi, Leticia Ybarra Pasch, Marina Pinsky, Nadia Christidi, Nina Kuttler, Nora Schultz, Patricia Valencia, Rachel Ćosić, Suné Woods, Till Krause, Volker Renner, Zane Fischer, Zlatko Ćosić.

Anja Dietmann

Within the format of a magazine, each page of Pfeil represents the floor, walls, or ceiling which together create an imagined room displaying a printed exhibition. Each issue is dedicated to a specific word, and artists are invited and given space to work on and with this term, and to construct or deconstruct the architecture around it. Combined, the contributions transform into an organic display surrounding the leitmotif.