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  • Nomas #18
  • Nomas #18

Nomas #18

  • 160 pages
  • 24x33cm
  • English/Anglais
  • 2023

Nomas Provence

The land of art, wine, and gastronomy. Melancholy and sunshine. Nomas 18 journey?s back to France, to witness the allure of its Mediterranean parts. To discover Provence in the South: The house of Albert Camus, where his daughter Catherine shows us around and describes the reality of growing up with him. Paul Cezzane’s atelier and a unique fashion editorial dedicated to his enhanced stillness. Chateau d’Arnajon with iron doors that push back and allow us to play with the 17th century. Or Chateau La Coste where contemporary artists conduct their own type of play amidst growing vine-fields. From village to town to fields, and from fields to villages and towns, Provence unfolds in a pattern where nothing feels too distant. A wish can be fulfilled within the radius of a bicycle ride. So, join us on this paper journey around this unique and beautiful land.

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