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  • My Magazine #15
  • My Magazine #15
  • My Magazine #15

My Magazine #15

  • 150 pages
  • 24x34cm
  • English/Anglais
  • 2023

Blooming Technology
Autumn/Fall 23

Magazine is a Copenhagen-based biannual magazine focusing on showcasing the best of high end, luxury elements from within fashion, interior, art, beauty and travel. We give you MY take on the relevant, the vibrant, the provoking and the evoking. MY magazine is published in 10 different covers to embrace the individuality of each of the teams we collaborate with. There is no one way and the MY way is to always stay curious, openminded and grateful. MY Magazine mission is to create a relevant and long-lasting magazine that is worth more than one flick-through. Each pages should be able to evoke continuous inspiration. MY Magazine was first published in 2014 by Lizette Mikkelsen and introduced to its new Creative Director Sune Palner in 2021. MY Magazine is an ever-evolving concept of ideas and inspiration, and we believe the magazine needs a strong sustainable profile to justify its presence.

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