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  • Missing scripts

Missing scripts

  • 60 pages
  • 11,5x19cm
  • English

Family Trees and Sound Clouds
Visual Lecture Performance, Galerie A—Z, Berlin 2022

Who invented “writing”? How many writing systems are there in the world? How do they relate to the spoken languages and their individual sounds? Why are only half of them available on computers and smartphones? What are the aerodynamics of the pronunciation of human sounds? Why do pictograms always function simultaneously as ideograms? And what would a complete family tree of writing systems look like?

These and other questions on the languages we read, speak and hear, will be the topic of a visual lecture performed by artist Ilka Helmig and designer Johannes Bergerhausen, who will be presenting some findings of their research and projects on writing systems, Unicode, languages and the visualisation of the aerodynamics of human sounds.

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