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  • Mind ocean space #2
  • Mind ocean space #2
  • Mind ocean space #2

Mind ocean space #2

  • 105 pages
  • A4
  • English
  • 2024
  • Mind ocean space collective
A4, 105 pages, Colour printing, Prefect bound, Softcover, 2024

MIND OCEAN SPACE is a new multimedia magazine exploring the frontiers of human knowledge and existence through art and science. The three umbrella themes through which this exploration will take place are detailed below. MIND: any topic broadly relating to or encompassed by human experience OCEAN: both a metaphor for and an umbrella through which to represent all that relates to the natural world SPACE: a section on outer space and technology in the literal sense, but also a miscellaneous ‘space’ for items that don’t neatly slot into the first two sections What is unique about this publication is the diversity in both breadth and form in subject matter, and the creativity of scientific and artistic approaches used across all the pieces. MIND OCEAN SPACE is a place where the rational world meets the surrealism that binds and characterises our existence as not just living beings, but as humans.
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