• Middle Plane #5
  • Middle Plane #5
  • Middle Plane #5
  • Middle Plane #5

Middle Plane #5

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Issue 5: David Hockney
232 Pages

Middle Plane Issue No. 5 is a dedication to David Hockney, the prolific British artist whose work spans eight decades.

The issue reads a visual interpretation of Hockney’s artistic practice and personal image, made up of photo series and new works by different creatives.

Known for his bold use of colour and embrace of innovation and modernity, our collaborators have also explored themes such as male form and sexuality, domestic spaces, swimming pools, flowers, and Bradford.

Contributors include: Anthony Turner, Bottega Veneta by Blommers & Schumm, Bruno Wollheim, Ilya Lipkin, archival Martin Parr, Paul Elliman, Roe Ethridge, Sam Rock, and Will Scarborough.