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  • Marlè #3
  • Marlè #3
  • Marlè #3
  • Marlè #3

Marlè #3

  • 130 pages
  • 21x29cm
  • English/Italian
  • 2024
MARLE’ Magazine issue 3. From traditional to provocative, Marlè Magazine talks about classic elegance and pure eroticism. And he doesn’t stop, he’s not afraid to show what in the past was labeled as taboo.

Marlè originates as a fashion magazine but chooses to delve into topics such as sexology, psychology, and sociology. It is conceived as a safe space, much like a grandmother's house. The reader is guided through the magazine's pages by the ideal figure of Grandma Marlè, who presents articles and topics from our brilliant collaborators that are essential to discuss. Everything Marlè gathers is a recommendation from Grandma, thus stemming from pure and unconditional love for the reader.

Marlè educates, surprises, captivates, and sometimes arouses. It is what you need without the need to ask for it. Marlè brings forth traditional beauty ideals while simultaneously introducing new figures that dare with the eroticism and boldness that were once considered wrong. The undisputed protagonist and muse is Marlè herself, a 70-year-old lady who still has a strong desire to live and smile because, as she says, "life doesn't lose its value just because age becomes a cumbersome number." Marlè welcomes those who don't abandon the traditional beauty ideal but don't stereotype it.

Marlè is for those hungry for psychology, sexology, criticism, and fashion. 
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