We have different covers available, send us a message if you want a specific one and we’ll make sure to send it to you if we have it — Nous avons différentes couvertures disponibles, envoyez-nous un message si vous en désirez une en particulier et nous vous l’enverrons si nous l’avons —
  • Manner Magazine #5
  • Manner Magazine #5
  • Manner Magazine #5

Manner Magazine #5

  • 27,5x21cm
  • English
  • 2024

2024 – La Grande Bouffe

Comes with different covers. This fashion magazine from Milan is named after good old manners. However, it’s all about classic fashion that defies the ephemeral nature of the fashion world. The magazine deals with essential pieces and individual long-lasting styles. It is about the question of what really counts in today’s wardrobe.


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