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  • Magazine magazine #36
  • Magazine magazine #36
  • Magazine magazine #36
  • Magazine magazine #36

Magazine magazine #36

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Issue 36
210 Pages

vivre de ses cendres — Rhita Cadi Soussi
la proie et l’ombre — Céline Mallet
appropriation culturelle vs pensée queer — Adrian Kammarti
imaginaires de mode — Philippa Nesbitt
andreas gursky — Emma Barakatt
un aérocène de tomàs sSaraceno — Angelo Cirimele
la mode, nuances de vert — Mathieu Buard & Céline Mallet
aiz — Pierre Ponant
le syndrome de paris — Guillaume Blanc
le futur des fashion weeks — Angelo Cirimele
francesco masci — Gabrielle H. Smith & Dimitri Laurent
pop-up memory — Serena Ciranna

Up side down — Thistle Brown/, Thistle Brown & Andrew Sauceda
Turned out I was Everyone — Hart Lëshkina/, Avena Gallagher
No Problemo — Lola & Pani/, Ondine Azoulay
Berlin 10178 — Steffen Grap/, Karo Rose
Chop Chop — Ilya Lipkin/, Ondine Azoulay
The beauty of the flowers is that it fades — Seana Redmond
Out of the blue — David Abrahams/, Matthew Josephs
Elia — Marie Deteneuille/, Ondine Azoulay
Up to the Highest Heights — Anton Gottlob/, Chloe Grace Press

Style, media and creative industry is our baseline. Each issue is an opportunity to invite a fashion director to imagine the fashion section by composing her creative family: photographers, stylists, models… We conduct interviews with insiders from the luxury world, sometimes off the record, to better deconstruct the mechanisms of this industry. Our writers question the changes in creation, behavior and media, digital and print. We review magazines that renew artistic direction, styling and photography. We love our English friends – and all those who speak their language - so in each issue we translate a selection of texts.