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  • LUNCHEON #16


  • 24x34cm
  • English/Anglais
  • 2023

On the cover: Horn of Plenty by Tim Gutt and Shona Heath, 2023

Autumn-Winter 2023-2024 Table of Content:

Menu artwork created throughout the issue for Luncheon 16 by Maya Golyshkina
A Fish Pie to Leave your Husband by Hugh Corcoran, illustrations by Giulia Garbin
Kneecap by Pádraig Ó Meiscill
The Mother of All Experience by Anouk Hipkin
Three Paintings for my Sister by Kate Boxer
Black Minds, photographs by Ekua King, styling by Hanna Kelifa
Camilla Grudova by Oskar Oprey, photographs by Kuba Ryniewicz
Ikaria by Josefine Skomars, photographs by Jesse Laitinen
Happy Hour by Raphaelle Moore, photographs by Lewis Khan, styling by Gabriel Pluckrose, words by Charlie Boxer
Adventures into Plasma by Edie Ashley and photographs by William Waterworth
Feast by Gary Card
Peter Doig paintings and in conversation with Parinaz Mogadassi and Angus Cook
Rubbers collected by Paul Deller, photographs by Jamie Hawkesworth
Saplings, portraits by Jet Swan
Horn of Plenty, photographs by Tim Gutt and creative direction by Shona Heath
A Photographic Story, Stephen Joyce and Adam Ianniello in conversation with Reginald Moore

My Inspirations by Charlie Porter
Staff Lunches by Thomas Alsop, photographs by Romain Guittet
Gambiarra, photographs by Paul Kooiker, styling by George Krakowiak
A Play for Today, photographs, direction and styling by Rachel Fleminger Hudson with Prada
Sistren, photographs by Trinity Ellis, styling by Ola-Oluwa Ebiti
Untitled, photographs by Daniel Archer, styling by Jessica Willis
Children of Lughnasadh, photographs by Tom Johnson, styling by Robbie Spencer
Precious Gem, photographs by Anthony Seklaoui, styling by Ally Macrae
Cakes by Sophia Agnella Anita Stolz, photographs by Daniel Archer

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