• Lampoon #27
  • Lampoon #27
  • Lampoon #27

Lampoon #27

  • 24,5x33,5
  • English/Anglais
  • 2023
Lampoon 27 looks for imperfections, impurities, paradoxes, distortions, human realities. From this word ‘rough’ – RUVIDO – comes our cultural narrative and visual context. Lampoon respects, is committed, and supports anyone who speaks about human diversity. This is the editorial identity of Lampoon.

At Lampoon, we look for all that is ‘rough’ — starting with natural fibers and discarding synthetic ones, we look for imperfections, for impurities, such as details of toil and reality, for materials that can breathe, never plastic. From here, from this word ‘rough’, comes a cultural narrative and a visual context. Both vanity and roughness form when we sit on the throne, but when we rise after falling down in the dark and dirt. We are made of toil and sweat, body hairs, love and hurt, hard skin.
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