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  • King Kong #16
  • King Kong #16
  • King Kong #16

King Kong #16

  • 24x32cm
  • English
  • 2023

Mochakk is already at the top of the DJ game, and he’s only in his early 20s. With around a million followers, he certainly has gained impressive traction and global reach. But the constant run of marathon gigs seem exhausting to this casual observer. The energy he obviously has to cope with the pressures of his work are channeled to amazing effect in the multi-faceted music mix he gives his fans. He blends genres which can go from disco to hip hop and snake around the world and back again. Being Brazilian he knows it’s all in the mix!

Grammy award nominee singer Omar Apollo is a great example of the cultural blender which is the USA – he was born to Mexican parents, and grew up in Indiana. His musical heritage has many roots and his appeal global. Our photoshoot references the strength of Tom of Finland, the complexity of Fassbinder, both expertly blended in the United States. A mix of hot cool and longing filtered and enhanced by the artist’s lens. After all leather is a second skin, a protection, communicating both keep your distance and come hither. We’re all voyeurs, watching him change outfits – material masculinity in every sensual and consensual sense. Gay iconography repurposed for the modern male gaze.

From Florida, and in his own words “super fucking chill, Dominic Fike wears Gucci in the best American way possible: a little bit moody, a little bit casual, and enough stylish hip to rock each shot. For him America is the birthplace of the musical genres which inspire him, and it’s the people not the politics which make the country great.

“I suppose the structure of it (America) has dictated every fucking phase of my life and that’s what I talk about so, it has influenced my work immensely I suppose. In a variety of different ways but I’ll just say the shit that I talk about is mostly American first world problems to deal with women and southern living, hard living baby.”

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