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  • Heroine #19

Heroine #19

  • 23x30cm
  • English/Anglais
  • 2023

Mia Khalifa
Reinvented, re-energised and reborn, Mia Khalifa is many things to many people: an influencer with a combined following of over 64 million; a campaign star and fashion-obsessive; and a business owner, having recently launched craft body jewellery brand, Sheytan. Using her platform to call out and raise up, Khalifa is the most liberated she’s ever been.

Hanne Gaby Odiele
Hanne Gaby Odiele haunts and distorts, dancing with shadows for our cover story, shot by Ferry Van Der Nat and styled by Constant de Boer.

London-based brand 16Arlington's FW23 collection shimmers – creative director Marco Capaldo is in conversation with model and friend, Adwoa Aboah.

Ivar Wigan and HEROINE fashion director Peghah Maleknejad take a surreal trip through the Metaverse, Alexandre Haefeli and Célia Moutawahid bash together the everyday with the chic for Evolved. PJ Lam reinterprets the best looks from the catwalk in a cut-up, reworked and re-tooled glitchfest for AMAZING FW23, Clare Shilland and Beth Fenton go FULL GOTH in the burbs (it's a mood) and Fabien Monique conjures a glorious world of waterfalls, dark mountains, sisterhood and the underworld. Sophia Wilson shoots real-life surfer gal pals on the beach in Rockaway.

Legendary photographer Ari Marcopoulos shares his latest instalment of CHAOS, a unique zine collaboration only found in the pages of HEROINE.

Plus a new generation of actors to watch – Emma Laird, Ella-Rae Smith, Ariella Glaser and Lexi Underwood – shot by Fabien Kruszelnicki and styled by Steve Morriss.

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