• Graes #3

Graes #3

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Issue 3: Food & Drink
144 Pages

This issue continues the GRÆS method of looking at a topic from the perspective of a language and culture lover who enjoys seeing the world. It’s packed with bilingual texts, several of which touch upon the idea of “taste nostalgia”, something that many expats experience. Just like its readers, GRÆS knows how to have fun with an academic subject like linguistics, which can unfortunately be seen as rather dry. Among other things, there are cartoon-like illustrations based on interesting food idioms from multiple languages a text about the creativity and sexuality of food metaphors in English, Romanian, and Hungarian and even a short horror story from Greece about a sweet lady who loves to bake with questionable ingredients for her community.

It’s the latest and most mature issue yet, made for an audience that loves to eat, but is also linguistically curious.