• Good Sport #5

Good Sport #5

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Issue 5

Follow your nose into Good Sport 05 as we celebrate sweat, sunrise, self-reflection and shakshuka. Rising very, very early in search of an untainted day, we put dance on the grid, find trust in a meal, sit boxing in the mirror and ask sport to finally get real. Amongst Child’s Notes, Fuccboiisms, Pinches and Unblinking Eyes, Issue 5 takes us all the way from * to Z.

Featuring artists Alvin Armstrong & Dario Escobar, Olfactionist Saskia Wilson-Brown and Olympic climber Oceana McKenzie, with stories on Alive & Kicking, SkatePal, Finchley Boxing and Velocity Track Club, plus a dream team of design – it’s all starting to make sense. First 100 orders come with Good Sport Scent card, developed with Saskia Wilson-Brown.

Since inception in 2014, we have redefined what a sports magazine is. By looking and listening deeper, Good Sport presents a more nuanced narrative. Leaving the score card behind and connecting with the interplay of people, community and culture; ideas emerge, experimentation comes first and living actively engaged lifestyles become part of the creative process.

Good Sport’s ideas begin with a question, followed by a curious and playful approach, intertwining ideas that unite multiple perspectives.