• Floppy Disk Fever

Floppy Disk Fever

  • 158 pages
  • 20,3x20,3cm
  • 2022
  • Onomatopee

The Curious Afterlives of a Flexible Medium

Floppy Disk Fever explores the curious afterlives of the floppy disk in the twenty-first century by interviewing those involved with the medium today.

The book reflects on notions of obsolescence, media preservation and nostalgia, and challenges these by showing the endurance and versatility of this familiar piece of technology. From floppy filmmakers to floppy painters and beyond; what drives people to continue working with the medium that is typically deemed obsolete? What challenges and affordances does it provide? And what does the future hold in store for the familiar black square? By looking at the current presence of past technology we can assess our present-day situation and speculate on the future developments of our media minded landscape. After all, the technology of the past is also part of our future!

Includes a preface by Lori Emerson (Media Archeology Lab) and interviews with Jason Scott (archive.org), Tom Persky (floppydisk.com), Florian Cramer, Jason Curtis (Museum of Obsolete Media), Adam Frankiewicz (Pionierska Records), Foone Turing, Clint Basinger (Lazy Game Reviews), Nick Gentry, Joerg Droege and AJ Heller (Scene World) and Bart van den Akker (HelmondComputerMuseum).

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