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  • Domus #1089

Domus #1089

  • 24x32cm
  • English
  • 2024

The Architecture section brings together a number of significant experiences, including completed projects and concepts. In Ecuador, Natura Futura and Juan Carlos Bamba renovated and implemented a floating house on the Babahoyo River. Called the Balsanera, this structure serves as both a residence and a productive space, embodying resilience as it adapts to the movement of the water and providing a blueprint for communities facing the threat of rising seas. In Vietnam, in the city of Hue, the Labri House by Nguyen Khai Architects & Associates (NKAA) unfolds on a 100-square-meter site characterized by a series of monofunctional blocks. This experiment in minimalist living pays homage to local traditions while using elements such as glass, concrete, and vegetation to minimize energy consumption. In London, Gianni Botsford Architects are building a four-story passive house on top of a 1969 Foster Associates intervention. Meanwhile, on Manda Island, Kenya,  PAT. architetti associati and Ferdinando Fagnola’s Falcon House draw inspiration from iconic modernists such as Craig Ellwood, Paul Rudolph, and Pierre Koenig, integrating steel and pre-existing structures. However, this endeavor prompts reflection on the colonial legacy that underpins its inception.

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