• Dazed & Confused #277
  • Dazed & Confused #277

Dazed & Confused #277

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Issue 277: Automn 2022
320 Pages

Autumn 2022 Age Of Imagination issue is a tribute to imagination through adversity, with our first cover featuring the African Giant, and “Thanos of Afrobeats” Burna Boy, shot by Kristin Lee Moolman and styled by Ib Kamara.

Our second cover, Kelela wears all clothes and accessories, Silver jewelled necklace Prada in Dazed Autumn 2022

The higher the hair, the closer to god Carlijn Jacobs and fashion director Imruh Asha demonstrate the power of fashion (and a good wind machine) for our autumn 2022 Age Of Imagination issue.

“It’s easy waking up being yourself; it’s harder being someone you don’t want to be,” Saucy Santana tells Dazed. He has commanded the internet to ‘walk’, stolen Madonna’s material-girl crown, and is sitting on a hotly anticipated track with the internet’s favourite prankster Lil Nas. Soon, we’ll all be seeing the world through Saucy Santana’s eyes.

In the mind’s eye “Today, I can take from [my] formative years and create work that’s witty, fun, and political and often something I’ve dreamed up, just like when I was that young boy,” says editor-in-chief IB Kamara of the playful spirit behind the latest Dazed. “I wanted to reignite that spirit and share it with you all for this issue.”

Devin Halbal aka Hal Baddie is the walking, talking, living doll whose TikTok catchphrases have ricocheted off the internet and into real life. Now, the NYC travel blogger is manifesting a future on the fashion runways – and calling for “more bitches like me in all types of spaces.”

From PDA to the globe, DJ and musician Carrie Stacks brings a hurricane of hedonism wherever she goes. As she gears up to release new music in the autumn, Stacks drills into her timeline, and the fantasies that power her forward for our autumn 2022 Age Of Imagination issue.