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  • CR Fashion Book #23

CR Fashion Book #23

  • 37x28cm
  • English/Anglais
  • 2023
The legendary César Award-winning French actress and musician, known for her ability to embody a spectrum of characters, has left an unforgettable mark on the cinema world. Now, adorned in @amiparis’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection, she joins @carineroitfeld’s ensemble of muses across generations and fields celebrating CR Fashion Book’s 10th anniversary issue.

“For an actress, it’s about being the one through whom things happen, so that they happen. I’m an actress who gives from my reservoir of love, letting them draw love for themselves,” says @isabelleadjaniofficiel. A five-time César winner, Cannes champion, and Oscar nominee. From the big screen to the stage, music, and even fashion, #IsabelleAdjani a true Renaissance talent for the ages.
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