• Camille Henrot

Camille Henrot

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Hatje Cantz

ISBN 978-3-7757-5062-2

The practice of French artist Camille Henrot (*1978) spans film, painting, drawing, sculpture and installation. Henrot’s influences are equally diverse, encompassing everything from self-help to cultural anthropology to social media in its engagement with the changing status of information distribution and interpersonal connections. Through its many incarnations, Henrot's protean art asks what it means to be at once a private individual and a global subject. This first major monograph on the artist features key works from the beginning of Henrot’s career to 2020, providing an intimate look at both new works on paper and immersive exhibits like The Pale Fox (2014) and Grosse Fatigue (2013). Over 200 images are accompanied by new scholarship on the artist. The array of eclectic voices gathered—Dan Fox, Shanay Jhaveri, Clara Meister, Jane Devery and Pip Wallis—does justice to the multifaceted quality of Henrot’s work.