• Boy Brother Friend #4
  • Boy Brother Friend #4
  • Boy Brother Friend #4

Boy Brother Friend #4

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Issue 4: Value

236 Pages

Issue 4 explores the theme of Value, which unfolds over four chapters: The Importance of Being Earnest, Moral Code, Family Values, & RWA – Rich With an Attitude, featuring Kareem Reid, Jeri Hilt, Azza Yousif, Jessica Madavo and more.

If you look at all our previous issues one name pops up every time. So when we found out Adjoa Armah first traveling solo exhibition was in the works we knew we had to be involved in some way. Adjoa is an artist, educator, writer and editor with a background in design anthropology. Her practice is concerned with the entanglement between
narrative, the archive, pedagogy, black ontology, infrapolitics, and spatial consciousness. She is founder of Saman Archive, a gathering of photographic negatives encountered across Ghana, through which she explores models of institution building grounded in Akan temporalities and West African technologies of social and historical mediation. In her show The Sea it Slopes Like a Mountain with Auto Italia, Adjoa sets out to translate a series of trips into the grammar of an exhibition. Adjoa documented and travelled 330 miles along the Ghanian coast from
Beyin to Keta, a stretch of sand, soil and rock with more European former slave forts than anywhere else on the African continent. Using sand gathered from the locations of personal significance she sculpted objects selected for their function as sonic, linguistic, spiritual and historical technologies. In The Sea, the Shores and its Memories Adjoa spoke to Tate Modern International Curator Osei Bonsu about how all this came together and the next steps for this exhibition which continues on to the Nubuke Foundation.