• Bonjour Alan - Louis Gary
  • Bonjour Alan - Louis Gary
  • Bonjour Alan - Louis Gary

Bonjour Alan - Louis Gary

    First edition of 300 copies (Signed)
    ISBN: 9791197521010

    French visual artist Louis Gary and his family were invited to his friend Alan’s wedding in South Korea while they were staying in New Zealand in 2018. In parallel to his sculpture and drawing practice, Louis had recently started taking photos again with an old large format camera. Thanks to a cheap stock of black and white medical film normally used for radiography, he was able to shoot pictures prolifically.

    Whereas most photographers look for an excuse to not be their friend’s wedding photographer, Louis deals with the matter in his own tender and lopsided fashion, creating the chronicle of his friend’s wedding and of his family’s first South Korean experience.

    The photos were put away in a box and forgotten for four years, until the South Korea-based publisher Same Dust proposed to edit them and to make a simple and delicate book out of them.

    BONJOUR ALAN is Same Dust’s first publication. It was launched at LE BAL Books in Paris in February 2022. The first 100 copies of the book are signed by the artist.

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