• Batshit Times #3

Batshit Times #3

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Volume III: Fall of Rome
300 Pages

With Benjamin Bratton, Ben Ditto, Maya Golyshkina, Anna Koblish, Melissa Santamaría, Noelle Duquette, Thomas Mars, Cole Witter, Ana Roman, Nate Mohler, Andrii Dostliev, Lia Dostlieva, Joel Fear, Midjourney, Brian Oakes, Swordes, Mad Plesasant, Mitchell Allison, Adam Burack, Mel Diosa, RAMBONA, Rafael X, Vivek Sebastian, Faryn Fee, Ileana Ninn, Emmett Palaima, Camden Coxson, Nina Gofur, and more. Cover art by Joel Fear with Midjourney AI.

For over half a decade now, we have watched society crumble to pieces as our shared perceptions of the world combust into flames. We feel alienated by algorithms, technologies, corporations, politicians, each other, and most importantly, ourselves. Our opinions change on a daily basis, and our aesthetic preferences morph at the speed of light. No one knows who to believe or if what we used to believe was anything worth believing in.

Every daily experience feels like it takes place in a roving MMORPG. All decisions and details dissolve into a data spreadsheet for Saint Peter to read off to you at the pearly gates. Narratives and categories have lost their meanings.

The worldviews we were raised on have collapsed, so we must build a new empire for ourselves — before the New Abnormal turns everything we cherish into an algorithm, a trending topic, or the latest cringe.

And truth be told, this bacchanal is the best we've yet to attend — so full of uncertainty that the more we dwell in it, the more comfortable and familiar it becomes.

As artists and thinkers, how do we grapple with this sudden shift in reality? How do we tell stories about ways of think-ing that will be outdated tomorrow? How are culture and consensus constructed in ways that eventually break down and fall apart? What are we doing to feel something in this state of heightened anxiety? How do we make sense of the ruins, and who will rise from the ashes?