• Off Licence #9

Off Licence #9

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Issue 9
62 Pages

‘It is a strange fact, but it is unquestionably true, that almost any English intellectual would feel more ashamed of standing to attention during ‘God save the King’ than of stealing from a poor box.’

A bloke called George Orwell wrote that. And although I can’t speak for all the English intellectuals in question - I’m half-Irish, and I’d rather steal from Waitrose - I think Georgie boy’s onto something.

If you agree, you’re likely to enjoy this magazine, as us pesky snowflakes moan and groan about living in ENGERLAND across 64-pages. Oh why must our rappers be pigeonholed as ‘UK Hip Hop,’ why must our summers be rainy, why must our government be so very, very, very shit?

Whilst we sludge through the mud, we do of course find plenty of beauty. Music festivals like Brainchild, writers like SonnyJim and this issue’s poet, Phoenix Yemi. People who put their experiences of this country into art that we love to consume.

Oh, and food. From Miso Extra’s shopping list to Brickcellphone eating his way through Poole for Offie Mag Travel, we digest everything we could fit into one issue, on one plate, for ISSUE NINE of Off Licence Magazine.