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Hamam #2

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Numéro 2 : Heat
112 Pages

The magazine feature essays, artist projects, photography, and interviews from contributors from all over the world. We think of bathing as one of the practices of letting go. We will explore many of these practices, but there’s no denying: we’re bathing obsessed.

Our second issue is focused on heat and we think it will be a welcome reading companion this winter. Featuring:
Photography by Ahmet Sel and Rinko Kawauchi
Artwork by Etel Adnan, Pema Rinzin, Maria Guzman Capron
Writing by Ege Okal, Kaya Genç, Mika Soka Haneishi, Naz Cuguoğlu
Poetry by Gary Snyder and Ellen Bass

We also welcome back our bathhouse regulars
Şebnem Şoher, Mikkel Aaland, and Burkay Pasin and continue with the next installment of Banya 94706 by Brian Glubok and illustrated by Cem Dinlenmiş.