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  • Re-edition #21
  • Re-edition #21
  • Re-edition #21
  • Re-edition #21
  • Re-edition #21

Re-edition #21

  • 23x30cm
  • English
  • 2024

To Note- Every issue has all the images including a repeat of the Cover image opening the story with Madonna, so fans won’t be disappointed as this is a collectors issue that will no doubt sell out fast.

In the rest of the magazine we have industry icons and also younger talents gracing further covers, such as Kristen McMenamy the iconic 90’s model, who is still very iconic today.

Kim Gordon also a legendary musician and artist, with an interview by Dean Mayo Davies. Gordon has been a visual artist, using the term ‘Design Office’, since the dawn of the 80s. The reality is she has never been a musician, but instead an Artist that makes music. In this way she and Yoko Ono shake hands.

Next up Lily McMenamy performance artist, actress, model and daughter of Kristen McMenamy. Lily is a supernova. Her dazzling charm and powerful presence has captivated fashion nerds of all stripes, while quietly cultivating a solo performance practice all of her own, with a 45-minute one-woman spectacular, A Hole is A Hole that inspired the fashion shoot featuring Lily. And accompanied by a conversation with good friends Alexandra Gordienko and Ella Plevin to discuss life under the bright lights.

On the other covers, we feature Iris Law, actress and model – Mowalola, designer and musician – Kai-Isaiah Jamal poet, visibility activist and model. Also Actress Honor Swinton Bryne in conversation with Susanne Madsen and shot by Magnum photographer Olivia Arthur in the early budding spring. Fronted by Honor Swinton Byrne, friends of Chanel and fashion thinkers weighs in on the symbolism, history and psychology behind the mythology of the inimitable classic Chanel bag. Elsewhere the magazine is full of fashion innovators in photography and styling creating their own incredible stories that highlight all the interesting designers from hot innovators Duran Lantink, Hodakova and All In, to archive Comme and Yohji – so creating the main theme of the issue which encompasses legends of our time and the new icons to watch.

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